8-9 November 2022 | Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland


Jerzy Rudnicki

Product Manager for Poland and Eastern Europe
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Jerzy is a Product Manager for Poland and Eastern Europe.

He has a Master's in electrical engineering at Warsaw Technical University and a post-graduate in project management at Warsaw School of Economics and just about to become an MBA at WHU in Dusseldorf. Jerzy has more than 15 years of international experience in electrical engineering, including design, contracting, project management, business development, and pre-sales support, including photovoltaics, power supply systems, energy conversion, storage, and energy-saving solutions.

08 Nov 2022
 - 16:25 CET
  • How batteries help to save money from shifting the peak of the production and selling when energy price is higher monetize the investments in PV farms
  • What are the key technical and commercial boundary conditions for adding storage to solar? Are AC or DC systems more suitable?
  • A deep dive into the business models of ess, peak shaving, regulation, and demand response.
  • Outlining the legal framework for storage and how this is implemented.
With gigawatt+ markets in Poland (1.4 GW), Bulgaria (1.1 GW), Hungary (2.1 GW) and Romania (1.4 GW) according to SolarPower Europe figures, Central and Eastern Europe presents a huge solar opportunity through to 2025. Join our mailing list to receive more information about the 2nd edition of Large Scale Solar Central & Eastern Europe.