Opening Session: Update on Regulatory Frameworks on Solar Policies Throughout Central and Eastern Europe

Time: 09:10 - 09:30

Date: 14th November 2023


This introductory session will detail the role and potential of solar energy in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, with a spotlight on Poland.

  • How is Poland transitioning from coal dependency to solar, and what does the present solar energy scenario look like?
  • What are the primary regulatory obstacles in integrating solar energy into Poland’s grid, and how is the framework adapting?
  • How can Poland guide its CEE neighbours in solar adoption and innovation?
  • How is Poland addressing the socioeconomic effects of shifting to solar, particularly in terms of jobs and community integration?
  • What are Poland’s solar goals for the upcoming decade, and how does this align with the nation’s broader decarbonisation vision?


  • Dominika Taranko, Large Scale Solar CEE, SpeakerDominika Taranko Director of the ZPP Energy and Climate Forum - Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers


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