14-15 November 2023 | Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland


Alessandro Cohen

Managing Partner
ARMON Capital Advisory EU
08 Nov 2022
 - 14:25 CET
  • How focused are investors and developers on Environment, Social and Governance policy when they choose their equipment?
  • Addressing modern slavery challenges – how can the ethical considerations be guaranteed before purchase?
  • What are the practicalities of being ‘ESG focused’? What are the EU guidelines, and are they being followed?
09 Nov 2022
 - 14:50 CET

- To what extent are the business models that we have seen, such as Contracts For Difference, being replaced by PPAs in the longer term? Will PPAs overtake the CFD market or will CFDs still play a major role?
- If the future of PV belongs to PPA, those companies who can offer the longer term PPA with a higher price will own the market. If before the projects were supported by auctions, how does the rise of PPA affect the requirements to make a project bankable?
- How does PV guarantee the market for long term contacts? What will be the effect on the price of energy if there is a Russian energy ban?
- What do banks and lenders need to be comfortable financing PV or co-located projects.

With gigawatt+ markets in Poland (1.4 GW), Bulgaria (1.1 GW), Hungary (2.1 GW) and Romania (1.4 GW) according to SolarPower Europe figures, Central and Eastern Europe presents a huge solar opportunity through to 2025. Join our mailing list to receive more information about the 2nd edition of Large Scale Solar Central & Eastern Europe.