8-9 November 2022 | Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland


Barbara Adamska

Polish Energy Storage Association
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Barbara Adamska is an expert in distributed energy and energy storage. She has authored numerous publications on energy transformation, local balancing and energy storage in the professional press. She is the President of the Polish Energy Storage Association. Initiator and, since 2016, Chair of the Energy Storage Congress in Poland, Expert of the Parliamentary Energy and Climate Team and Member of the SKER Policy Council. Founder and CEO of ADM Poland, since 2013 providing consulting services concerning distributed energy.

Advisor for business modeling for companies involved in power engineering, development and implementation of services concerning balancing and energy management and construction of independent heat and power systems. Author of action and development strategies for 4 certified energy clusters.

Graduate of the University of Warsaw and Leon Kozminski Academy (MBA). Winner of the International Renewable Energy Fair RE-energy “Industry Personality” statuette

08 Nov 2022
 - 16:25 CET
  • How batteries help to save money from shifting the peak of the production and selling when energy price is higher monetize the investments in PV farms
  • What are the key technical and commercial boundary conditions for adding storage to solar? Are AC or DC systems more suitable?
  • A deep dive into the business models of ess, peak shaving, regulation, and demand response.
  • Outlining the legal framework for storage and how this is implemented.
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