16-17 November 2021 | Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Constantinos Peonides

Commercial Director
Constantinos 2
16 Nov 2021
 - 12:30 CET

With the EU’s 2030 targets set, including at least 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, 32% share of renewable energy and 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency, it’s time to unravel how all this can be achieved in the coming decade.  Our panellists will bring global expertise to learn the lessons from abroad and give tips, tricks and what to keep an eye on.

  • How are international organisations helping CEE reach its EU targets?
  • How much solar do we need to reach EU targets in the CEE region, and how can we scale the industry up to meet that demand?
  • What can we learn from rapid PV deployment in other countries?