14-15 November 2023 | Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland


Sebastian Jablonski

Chairman of the Board
Respect Energy
Sebastian Jabłoński RESPECT ENERGY-1
08 Nov 2022
 - 17:15 CET
  • What does an energy trader expect from a PV plant, and what can the PV industry do to support the business of an energy traders?
  •  An introduction to the basics of energy trading: trading of guarantees of origin, carbon offsetting and carbon credit trading
  •  Outlining the legal framework of energy trading for PV
With gigawatt+ markets in Poland (1.4 GW), Bulgaria (1.1 GW), Hungary (2.1 GW) and Romania (1.4 GW) according to SolarPower Europe figures, Central and Eastern Europe presents a huge solar opportunity through to 2025. Join our mailing list to receive more information about the 2nd edition of Large Scale Solar Central & Eastern Europe.